Need Cheaper Insurance

In order to score a cheap car insurance policy, you need to become a valuable asset to insurance carriers. A lot of different factors go into becoming the best insurance client.

What would the perfect insurance client look like?

How do you become the person who gets the lowest rates?

Insurance Carriers Want Low Risk Clients

A low risk client is a client who has very low potential to file a claim. Claims cost insurance companies money. The more claims you file the less profit they earn overall. How does an insurance company know who is a low risk and who is a high risk? Well, they have determined lots of different factors which can somewhat predict the likelihood of a claim. Know the factors and try your best to get on the low risk end to get the cheapest car insurance possible.

Discounts are a huge part of calculating car insurance rate. How the discounts stack up can make the difference between a cheap car insurance rate and a hefty price tag.

    • Financial Stability Discount: Lots of states allow your credit score to be used as a basis for a big car insurance discount. Missouri is one of them. The better your credit, the better your car insurance rate.
    • Multi-Policy Discount: Insure more than one thing, like a home and a car, with the same company.
    • Multi-Car Discount: Multi-car discount means you have more than one vehicle insured. This discount is usually automatically applied.
    • Home Owner Discount: Whether you insure your home and auto together, you can still get this discount.
    • Accident Free Discount: No claims equals cheaper insurance rates. It often takes three to five years for an insurance carrier to stop surcharging you for an at-fault accident.
    • Violation Free Discount: This discount really is a must-have when it comes to getting cheap car insurance.
    • Low Mile Discount: Though rare among companies, we still have some that do it.
    • Good Student Discount: Drivers under the age of 26 and enrolled full time in school can potentially get a good student discount. Grade point average requirements are usually 3.0 or better. Encourage young drivers to keep their grades up in order to keep their car insurance rates down.
    • Advanced Quote Discount:  The driver who thinks ahead and does not wait until the last minute to make car insurance decisions make for a better risk.
    •  Education Discount: Have you completed a college degree or even taken a few courses here an there? You could get a discount for it.     
    • Paid In Full: Some companies will also give you a paid in full discount for an annual policy if you pay every 6 months.
    • Automatic Withdraw / EFT:  It has been proven clients stay longer and consistently make their payments on time.
    •  Paperless Discount: Some insurance carriers try to promote being “green”.  All documentation will be sent to you via email. This discount is fairly small, but paperless can be more convenient. Combine convenience with savings and it becomes a pretty good deal.

Many other things can help get cheaper insurance, like the type of car you insure, what coverage’s you select, your age, and where you live. Get a Free Quote on our website or call to discuss how you can get cheaper insurance.

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